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Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30

“Ripped in 30” - this course is designed for 30 days, it is divided into four weeks. In order to achieve the best results, you need to exercise six times a week with one day off. With each new week, the load increases. 

They took Jillian's proprietary interval system "3-2-1" as a basis: power loads - 3 minutes, cardio - 2 minutes, press - 1 minute. 
There is also an intense load, which is given special attention. 

All that is required of you is to follow a diet and exercise program for a month. And then you can get crazy results. You will need dumbbells weighing between 1.5 and 4.5 kg.

Week 1

The duration of the workout is more than half an hour. At first glance, it may seem very simple, but this is far from the case. Gillian will make smoke come out of your ears. If, after all, the first level is easy for you, then you can perform the exercises that the black girl performs. It shows the advanced option.


Week 2

The duration of the workout is 35 minutes. It consists of power loads while maintaining balance.


Week 3

Workout time is about 30 minutes. Here it begins to seem like the muscles of the thighs might explode. But this is just another warm-up. Ahead is the fourth level.

Week 4

Workout time 30 minutes. The most intense level.

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